Armed drones control process must be opened to civil society groups and drone victims

The fiendish deviousness of modern warfare is discussed here as so much collateral damage. But the dispersion by drone is, as has been said, not reliable, any more than driverless cars can avoid fatal casualties. Whatever name you call it, to avoid breaking international laws on weapons use, thermoblastic devices, whether or not delivered by drones, should and must be banned, full stop

Drone Wars UK

Expanding drone strikes

Details of a US-initiated proposed control agreement on the export and use of armed drones have been announced. The Joint Declaration on the Export and Subsequent Use of Armed or Strike-Enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), signed by 48 nations including the UK, sets out very briefly – on less than one side of paper – five broad principles to be adhered to in relation to the export and use of armed drones. According to an accompanying Fact Sheet issued by the US State Department, The “will serve as a basis for discussions on a more detailed set of international standards… which the United States and its partners will convene in spring 2017.”

It is welcome that, on paper at least, the US and the international community now recognise, as the Joint Declaration puts it, the “misuse of armed or strike-enabled UAVs could fuel conflict and instability, and facilitate terrorism and…

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